TJ’s Guide to Big Two

This article was a project I made for my grade 11 web class. For those for you who don’t know, this guide is about Big Two, a type of card game played mainly by people of the eastern and southeastern Asian origins. It’s a really popular card game at my high school until the administration got an excuse and banned it for good. Originally, this guide was made entirely using Flash, which was cool, but it’s not very accessible, so I later decided to make a HTML version available to those who prefer traditional web pages to Flash documents, but after some time, this new website still didn’t manage to draw a lot of visitors, so I finally decided to include it within my main site instead.

Click the links on the navigation bar or the links below to choose which version you would like to read. Note that the navigation is for the HTML version you see here. The Flash version has its own navigation on its page. I made this guide as comprehensive as I could, but Big Two is a card game with no definite rules and varies from place to place, so most of the knowledge in the guide comes from the back of my head. When played with a small group of friends, Big Two can be very fun and a great way to pass up some free time. The purpose of this guide is to help people learn how to play this game. So if you don’t already know the rules and want to learn a fun and enjoyable card game, take a look at this article.

Common Rules
Chinese Way
Viet Way
TJ’s Tips

One thought to “TJ’s Guide to Big Two”

  1. Hey
    I’m in year 11 as well, doing this UNSW ‘high school kids do uni at school’ course, and we have to make a program that plays a card game, similar to Big Two. I’m not very familiar with card games, and you’re tactics have helped a lot.

    Thanks for your awesome tips mate :)

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