The new TJ Online is finally ONLINE

I’ve been messing with this xoops portal for a while and finally found the right modules for my site and personally made a unique theme. The theme is my first xoops theme ever, and it took a while since I’m a noob at css. I basically just modified the default xoops theme, so the layout is still the same. I wanted to install a photo gallery and put some photos up for viewing, but unfortunately my webhost does not support GD or any other graphic libraries that are needed by gallery modules, so too bad. I ported most of my articles into this new website, but some of the larger articles such as the crabbing guides will not be ported because the guides are basically individual websites and need their own navigation.

By switching to a CMS like xoops, my content is now better organized and it is easier to administer everything. New features to the site can be easily downloaded and installed within a few clicks. There is also a search function which allows visitors to find article and a comment system for the articles. All these features will hopefully give you visitors a better browsing experience.

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