A Month Away from Home

Can’t believe it’s already been more than a month since I left home to begin graduate studies on my own. I’ve more or less settled into my new place and things have been going okay so far. Classes at my new school are fairly similar to the ones I had in 3rd/4th year at UBC, and I only have three classes. It’s hard to say if the classes are harder or easier, but I’ll have a better idea once I’ve had a midterm for each class. I haven’t done much for my research project yet, but it’s only a month in so it’s a bit too early to worry about it.

Moving on from the academic parts, I’m doing okay with all the shopping and cooking and all the other chores that comes with living on one’s own. This is the first time I’ve been on my own for any extended period of time, and so far I’ve managed to keep myself fed and clean and keep my place from turning into a dump. Not bad for a newbie independent  :lol: .  I actually think my cooking is surprisingly good for someone who almost never cooks at home, but I probably should give credit to my mom for teaching me a few recipes before I left. My food probably lacks variety though, but at least I’m not going hungry. In terms of shopping, I haven’t gotten a car yet so my destinations are quite limited, which makes things easier in some aspects. More choices mean more decisions to make.

In terms of activities for fun, I’ve joined some clubs and went to two gathering where there were free food. I’ve also been taking full advantage of the school’s fitness facilities and getting more exercise than ever, but I haven’t seen any tangible results just yet. I play badminton once a week too, so at least I’m not completely socially inactive. I probably should make more effort to get to know people though.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say for this update. Midterms are coming up so I better start studying.

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