Visiting Orlando… Airport

A little while ago I went on a conference trip to Orlando, Florida. Back then, the Northeast was still pretty cold, while Orlando was sunny and warm, so it was certainly a great destination to go to. Unfortunately, the conference took place right at the hotel inside the airport, and so I ended up staying in the airport through almost the entire trip. It was a short trip and we didn’t have much free time, but just going outside for a couple of hours to the actual city would have been nice. At least the hotel and airport were quite nice though. The Orlando Airport is one of the nicest airports I’ve been to in the United States. The Hyatt hotel is right on top of the main airport lobby which is shown in the picture below. This trip was the first time I’ve been to Orlando or Florida. I didn’t really get to go anywhere, but hopefully I’ll make it back there some day as a tourist and actually visit the city.

Orlando Airport
The main lobby of the Orlando Airport and the Hyatt hotel sitting right on top of the lobby.

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