Improving performance of the non-iterative direct state estimation method

I’m posting my theses and research papers from the grad school career on this site. This paper is the first paper I wrote that made in into IEEE’s IEEE Xplore digital library. It’s only a conference paper, but I’m happy it was included into IEEE Xplore. I still don’t have a journal paper to show for my grad school career, but hopefully that’ll change soon. Anyways, read below for the abstract and the link to the IEEE Xplore entry for the full paper.

Improving performance of the non-iterative direct state estimation method

By X. T. Jiang, B. Fardanesh, D. Maragal, G. Stefopoulos, J. H. Chow, and M. Razanousky


This paper describes continuing work on a new method for state estimation of a non-linear AC power system in a direct, non-iterative manner. This method is based on the Kipnis-Shamir relinearization technique that is used to solve over-defined sets of polynomial equations. The technique transforms the equations to a higher dimension linear space which allows the states to be solved in a non-iterative manner. Given sufficiently accurate measurements, this new state calculation method provides the same results as traditional iterative state estimation methods, and the proposed method does not require an initial guess of system states. Compared to previous works on the topic, this paper presents a more detailed description and analysis of the solution process, and how some of the characteristics of the solution process can be used to improve the computation speed of this new state estimation method. Preliminary test results using an improved MATLAB implementation of the method are included.

Access the full paper HERE

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