Settling In

It’s been almost two months since I moved from upstate NY to my new place of work, and I’m slowly settling into my new environment. I worked at the new company for about a month and a half now, and that’s going okay so far with me finally starting to do some actual work. I’ve figured out where to buy the basics and even found a place to play badminton, and I’m exploring the area when I have time on the weekends. I’ll try to go out more and be more sociable, since it’d be harder when winter comes a long and works piles up. As for my apartment, I finally got my new, reclining couch in the living room, so I have all the major pieces of furniture now. It took a while, but the apartment is slowly starting to look like a home. It’ll take longer for me to truly become comfortable with this area I’m living it and with the working life, but things are on track so far.

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