Year 9

It’s been another year on the interwebs for my humble little collection of websites. Slowly but surely we are creeping up to a decade online. Over the last year, I really didn’t make any big changes to any of my sites. I think I post more frequently to this blog nowadays, because I tend to go on trips and do fun stuff a little more than when I was a couple of years ago. As for visitor traffic, it seems like visitor numbers are down this year compared to last year, and ad revenues are probably down. It’s not like I’ll ever make a living off the Crabbing Guide and my other sites though, although any extra spending money from the ads would be nice.

I don’t really have any big plans for my sites for the next year. Unless I get some sort of super great idea for a new website (which is unlikely), things will stay the way they are. I might refresh the theme for this blog, and maybe restore a couple of reviews from my now defunct anime/manga blog. That’s all I have to report. Time to start the countdown to the 10th anniversary.

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2 thoughts to “ Year 9”

  1. Hi Tony I have been using your crabbing guide for years and only now discovered the main blog site! Thanks for all the tips and tricks and I hope you are enjoying your time in NC. I think traffic to that page may be down as there is only old information there now. But still a great page!

  2. Thanks Gary. I’m glad you found the crabbing guide to be useful. I don’t live in Lower Mainland anymore, so the info on the guide is a little outdated. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to go back and do some crabbing, then update the page.

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