A Not-so-Springy Spring

Time for another recap post of my “adventures” through the last quarter/season of the year. Summer and warm weather has finally arrived in the PNW, which is a good thing since spring has been rather cool and damp this year. I escaped the wet weather for a little bit by taking a trip to Las Vegas/Utah/Arizona. Other than that, I still managed to get outside a little bit locally, and here are the highlights with photos/videos.

Thanks to the cooler and wetter than usual springtime weather, the ski season extended into May on some mountains. I didn’t ski in May, but I did visit Blackcomb in late April as you can see in the video above. Not a whole lot of people, and snow near top was still decent. That visit completed my 2021/2022 ski season. I managed to ski 10 days in total, 5 of which was during my Colorado ski trip. The next ski season I’m switching from Epic Pass to the Ikon Pass to ski a different set of mountains.

RoozenGaarde display garden
Beautiful tulip display garden
RoozenGaarde tulips
Tulip fields with mountains in the background. The yellow tulips shined brightly under the sun
RoozenGaarde daffodils
This year we got to access the daffodil fields as well

One of the standby spring events is the tulip festival. This year I went back to the larger tulip farm, and the display gardens and fields were gorgeous. The bright tulips looked absolutely gorgeous. This year the farm also allowed access to some of the daffodil fields, some of which were still in bloom and adds some more color and variety to the visit.

Chambers Creek Regional Park
Chambers Creek Regional Park has some leftover building fragments that gives a little bit of a dystopian look

Margaret's Way to Debbie's View
View of Mount Rainier from a hike close by. Went on one of the hottest days of the year, which thankfully was nowhere as hot as the heat wave of 2021.

Not really an adventure, but met my friend’s cute pet bunnies

Other than the tulip festival, I visited some parks and did my first PNW hike of the year during spring. Given that it rained more often this spring and a lot of the hiking trails still had snow, I didn’t do as much hiking as I would have liked. I plan to do some catch-up in the summer now that the weather is nicer. Thanks for reading.

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