New Pull-Up Bar: Perfect Multi-Gym Pro

When I went back home for the holidays, I noticed that my dad bought himself a chin-up bar. He bought the Multi-Gym Pro by Perfect Fitness, and I thought it looked pretty neat so I bought one once I returned to the US. This post is my thoughts on this pull-up bar with some pictures.

Perfect Multi-Gym Pro assembled
The Perfect Multi-Gym Pro fully assembled

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Tony’s Crappy Poetry

By looking at the title, you’ll probably know that there is going to be some bad poetry involved here. You can probably guess that I don’t have anything good to put on my site, and I had to result to putting up poetry. Below are two poems written by yours truly for a grade 12 English class. Personally, I dislike poetry. I think that poetry is the worst part of English class other than Shakespeare. This is probably because I’m a very logical person and poetry and arts may defy logic and that puzzles me sometimes. Anyways, when I was given these two assignments, I spent less than half an hour on each of them, because I didn’t really care. Surprising though, my English teacher actually liked my poems and gave them good marks. I guess preference is very subjective, and my English teacher either has weird tastes or is trying to play with my head. Either way, I’m glad that I got good marks for my half-ass efforts. Read on and see what you think of my poems.

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English Short Story

This is an old story used for an English class assignment. It wasn’t actually written by me. It was written by a friend of mine and I edited it. It’s a fictional story, but it features several real people. The story take place in my secondary school. It is a story of revenge and it’s pretty damned funny. My group got a pretty good mark for this effort. I hope you enjoy it too. Some of the language used in the story might be a bit explicit, so read at your own discretion.

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