Trip to Southern China

During the last winter holiday season, my family and I visited China for the first time since 2010. We went back mainly for a family reunion, but we visited a few places as well. It was a good trip in terms of seeing relatives and visiting new places, but I had a cold through most of the trip so I didn’t feel 100%. I still a lot of fun though, and this post contains the highlights of the trip.

Guangzhou Tianhe
The view of the Tianhe area at night, towards the south to Guangzhou Tower.

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Trip to China

I’m finally back from my three-week vacation to China. I come from China, but I haven’t gone back to my homeland for a long time, so you could say the trip was long overdue. During the trip, my family and I visited a good number of places, and this post is primarily a photo dump of sights and scenery that I saw over my three weeks in China.

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