Starting the Working Life

After about three months of what mostly was vacationing and not doing much work, I finally said goodbye to Troy and RPI, my place of abode for four years. I packed whatever I can into my little RAV4 and took the long drive to a new city and area to start my working life. It’s been two weeks since I’ve moved and I’m still trying to settle into my new surroundings. It’s going to take time to get to know the area and become comfortable with the environment. I didn’t really start hiking and exploring the Capital Region until 3 years into my studies at RPI, and it might take longer in this new place because I’ll probably have less free time now that I’m a full-time professional. As for work, first week is the usual orientation, but there is challenging work lined up for me. The work will keep me busy and might become difficult, but I’ll make the most of the opportunities to learn and develop myself, and hopefully work on projects that make a real difference. Wish me luck.

My Fourth Year of University

This is the last yearly reflections article featuring me as a college undergrad, because of course I finally managed to graduate. This was actually my fifth year as an undergrad (due to co-op), but since I took fourth year courses then technically I was a fourth year student. During the past year I spent two terms in school and only one term on co-op, which is in contrast to my last two years where I spent eight months on co-op and only four months in school. This means there’ll be more stuff on my courses and less on my work, but either way it won’t be too exciting. If you still want to find out what I’ve been up to in the last year, keep on reading.

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My (Second Half of) Third Year of University

It’s time again for another yearly reflections article. This is actually my fourth year as a college undergrad, but because of co-op I was still doing my third year courses. Just like last year, I only spent four months in school and spent the other eight months working as a co-op student (and am still working at the time of writing). Unlike last year however, I didn’t become very ill and therefore there are no emergency room visits to speak of. This probably means this article won’t be as exciting as last year’s, but I’m glad not to have that kind of excitement. Anyways, read on to find out what I’ve been up to in the past year.

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My (First Half of) Third Year of University

Another year has passed by and it’s time again to write my yearly reflection article. However, because I joined the co-operative education program, I only had one school term during the past year and spent the other eight months working. So therefore this article really only covers half of my third year in regards to school terms, but it is about the third year that I spent as a university student. As always, I’ve been brewing up a storm wherever I went… just kidding. Unlike previous years though, there were a couple of moments/events that were out of the ordinary, so read on if you want to find out more about my third year as a university student.

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