TJ’s Guide to Big Two

Origins of Big Two

No one knows exactly who invented Big Two, or at least that what my research showed me. I even looked through Chinese sites and they didn’t tell me anything important. Anyways, Big Two probably originated in southeast China, most likely the province of Canton. From there the game spread to other parts of China and nearby countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia. Most people I know who speak Cantonese seemed to know how to play Chinese way Big Two. Big Two is not a game with a long history such as chess. Big two was probably invented in the last fifty years, but no one really knows when it started exactly.

Big Two is the common English name used for this particular game. In Chinese, it is called “Choi Dai Dee.” The literal meaning of the name is to strike the ground. “Dai Dee” can also mean Big Two in Chinese.

There are many other names in Chinese and in other languages for the game of Big Two. I didn’t list them here because there are too many of them and also the purpose of this site is to teach people how to play Big Two, so I didn’t go into too much detail. Now that you have some basic knowledge of how Big Two came to be, you can read the rules page to learn how to play. Navigate there by using the corresponding button on the side.

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  1. Hey
    I’m in year 11 as well, doing this UNSW ‘high school kids do uni at school’ course, and we have to make a program that plays a card game, similar to Big Two. I’m not very familiar with card games, and you’re tactics have helped a lot.

    Thanks for your awesome tips mate :)

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