“Becoming a Good Badminton Player” Essay

This is another one of those essays written for my grade 10 summer school essay writing course. I didn’t post it earlier with the other summer school essays due to the fact that I didn’t know where I put this essay. I wrote this essay because I am (or was) a frequent badminton player. I still play, but not as much as before. This is a pretty general essay about badminton. If you want more in depth information about the sport, please visit the badminton portal. Of course, I got an A for this effort, like all my summer school essays.


Badminton is a fast paced, exciting sport that is wide spread and for one to become a good badminton player is not extremely difficult. Like almost all sports, playing badminton requires a certain level of physical fitness. A person also must learn all the basics and advanced skills of badminton to become a good player. After learning and fine tuning the skills, it is time to study how to utilize common tactics. The attributes listed above enable a person to excel at the game of badminton.

Because badminton involves a lot of running, stopping, and changing directions, it is very easy to become tired while playing. A high level of physical fitness is required for a person to play several games continuously. I usually last only about two games (not very fit, am I?). After two games I usually just stand on the court, rather than running to get the shuttle. Playing badminton requires fitness, but playing often also improves one’s fitness. This is a major reason why people play badminton.

A person can’t become a good player if he/she doesn’t know the proper skills. A game cannot be won if the player can’t make an effective return. The more basic skills such as footwork should be learned first, while more advanced techniques such as backhand smashes should be studied after all the basic skills have been mastered. Like many other skills, badminton skills are mastered by a lot of practice. A person can get a better grasp and form on the skills from practicing.

The last thing required to become a good badminton player is understanding tactics. Part of this comes from reading books and watching tapes of high level competition, and the other part comes from experience. Understanding tactics is an important part of the game because it allows a player to make it difficult for opponents to return shots and also allows the player to predict where the opponent will hit to. It is much easier to win if a player have a good idea about where an opponent’s return will land, because he/she can counter the shot with less difficulty.

I like to play badminton, although I am not a fanatic like some people I know. Badminton can be a fun and enjoyable experience. Although most people say they play for fun, they actually play to win. I know since I play a fair bit. Being a good player makes the game more enjoyable since it is usually more fun to win than to lose. Being skilled also gives certain bragging rights, something a lot of people want.

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  1. i think the last think u told is totally correct that every one play to win . after reading this artical i feel that that it is being written by me .i am in same condition as like u i also want to be great player but i am not able to do so i am confused and tell me what to do

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