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By looking at the title, you’ll probably know that there is going to be some bad poetry involved here. You can probably guess that I don’t have anything good to put on my site, and I had to result to putting up poetry. Below are two poems written by yours truly for a grade 12 English class. Personally, I dislike poetry. I think that poetry is the worst part of English class other than Shakespeare. This is probably because I’m a very logical person and poetry and arts may defy logic and that puzzles me sometimes. Anyways, when I was given these two assignments, I spent less than half an hour on each of them, because I didn’t really care. Surprising though, my English teacher actually liked my poems and gave them good marks. I guess preference is very subjective, and my English teacher either has weird tastes or is trying to play with my head. Either way, I’m glad that I got good marks for my half-ass efforts. Read on and see what you think of my poems.


Here is my first poem, called “Lock Down.” The poem supposedly has to be about subjects related to teen angst. I think mine is about depression and isolation, with some frustration tossed in between. My teacher said that my poem is “chilling,” as in somewhat scary, not “chilling” like “chillaxing” and that kind of slang. This poem doesn’t adhere to any particular format, so I guess for your poetic people out there, this is an example of free verse.

Lock Down

Door slams shut.
You are in a trap,
Can’t get out.

Day by day,
Night by night.
A twister revolving,
Inside the mind.

Trapped in a cage,
Of unbearable memories.
You wonder why,
People are phonies.

The noises…
The voices…
Hard to make choices.
People wouldn’t shut their traps,
Telling you of useless things,
Pointless things,
Things they would never say if they knew,
Knew anything… about… you.

The lack of knowledge… understanding…
Like bars of a prison.
Surrounding, overwhelming,
Locking down,
Locking out.
Locking in…

That was kind of dark and gloomy, wasn’t it? Well, here is my second poem, of a much lighter atmosphere. It’s called “My Pointless Poem About A Bird,” and it basically is a pointless poem about a bird to me. The class had to use “bird” as a motif in this poem. I couldn’t really think of anything so I just started writing. I never thought about what the poem means. My primary reason for this poem is so that I can put the phrase “flip the bird” into poem. If you don’t know what flip the bird means, it’s nothing good, I can tell you that. My teacher however, seemed to have found some deep meaning and wrote a long paragraph with hardcore vocabulary commenting on this poem. I really think my teacher is yanking my chain here. I was going to put my teacher’s comment on the page, but I found out that I couldn’t read a thing that he wrote on my poem, so too bad.

My Pointless Poem About A Bird

There is a bird flying around me,
Chirping and chipping.
Flying circles around me.
It just doesn’t seem to be leaving.

I tell it to go away.
It chirps even louder.
I throw stones in its way.
It dodges and becomes happier.

The bird continues to taunt me.
It would fly just within my reach,
And when I try to swat it like a bee,
The bird swirves and become out of reach.

“Little bastard!” I swore at the bird.
I know there’s little I can do.
As a final gesture, I flipped the bird,
And then turned away to leave the bird to coo.

If a bird can laugh, then this bird is laughing.
It laughs like a baby who has been tickled silly.
Distracted by the fun it’s having,
The bird didn’t notice the raptor has been eying it closely…

Out of curiosity, I turned around,
To see that my tormentor has been removed.
The annoying bird is nowhere to by found,
Probably got what it really deserved.

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