“Things You Might or Might not Know About My High School” Essay

This is another essay written for my grade 10 summer school essay writing course. This particular piece was about my high school and some of its less uh… well-known features. I have taken the liberty of removing my high school’s name from this essay in order not to humiliate the school, but you might be able to guess which school I’m talking about. The things talked about in this essay may or may not be true at this moment, since I wrote this essay during the summer after my grade 10 year.


My high school, a seemingly normal school, actually has some weird things going on inside of it. There is a school legend about free ice cream on a floor that doesn’t exist. If you walk around the halls of the school, you would notice that there is usually a garbage can beside or right below every drinking fountain. Also the nickname of the school, “Dirty Toilets” is not a wild accusation; there is actually some truth to it. My high school is not as boring and bland as a casual observer might think.

From the outside of the school, you can see that the building only has three floors. However, a legend tells that there is a fourth floor in the school. Whoever can get there will receive some free ice cream. As far as I know, nobody has actually been able to get to the fourth floor. This may be because the fourth floor is like the train platform in the Harry Potter books. Only certain special people have access while normal people can’t get to this magical floor of infinite ice cream supplies.

Another weird thing about my high school is that there is usually, if not always, a garbage can near every water fountain. By “near”, I meant that if you drink from a fountain, you will look down into the garbage can and see its contents. That’s not a very pretty sight, especially if you want to drink water instead of regurgitate something. I have no idea why the garbage cans are so close to the fountains. Maybe the janitors in the school like to play tricks on the students. The reason behind this phenomenon is still a mystery.

Students from other schools like to call my school “Dirty Toilets.” Unfortunately, the name actually does apply to the toilets in my school. Unless you are really desperate, you should avoid using the toilets. The toilets are usually soaked with urine or have some unknown substance covering them. If you absolutely positively have to use the toilets, be sure to wipe the seat carefully with tissue and then cover the seat with tissues as well. This will keep your behinds clean and prevent infections from whatever is in the stuff on the toilet seats.

My high school is not a bad school to go to, but there are some facts about this school that every student there should know. My school contains many other interesting facts and legends. You need to be aware of all these things. They are useful for tricking new students, and also will prevent you from encountering nasty surprises. So keep your eyes open and ears alert for any weird and mysterious phenomenons that occur inside the eerie walls of *blank* *blank* Secondary.

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