My (First Half of) Third Year of University

My second employer decided to close their office for the holidays, so I actually had a winter break before I went back to school to start my third year. Even though I spent eight months doing work, I didn’t really have to readjust going back to the classrooms. The third year courses were more or less the same as my second year courses. They may be more advanced and specialized, but not necessarily more difficult. Another small difference was that the class sizes were smaller in general than second year. Other than that the courses were pretty similar.

At the beginning of the term I was kind of refreshed and felt it was kind of fun to at school, but after a while I found that I didn’t really miss school that much, especially when the midterms start rolling along. In accordance to my program, I had to take a pretty heavy workload for the term. However, I would say that a good portion of stress I had was from co-op. I had to find another co-op placement for the summer, and with two terms under my belt I seemed to be much more appealing to potential employers. After applying for around 20 jobs, I got at least half a dozen interviews. This was both a blessing and a curse, as on one hand it meant that I will probably get a job, but on the other hand I had to take time dress up and go to these interviews on top of my busy school schedule. I did end up securing a placement with a local utilities company, but all the stress may have also contributed to me becoming sick during that period. I actually got so ill that I had to stay at the hospital for a night. It was the first time in my life that I had to stay overnight at a hospital, and I definitely don’t look forward to another stay. Thankfully I fell sick just as the midterm break arrived, so I could stay home and recuperate without missing any school.

Other than the hospital episode, the first term of my third year was pretty much the same as my second year. My overall average was slightly lower than the average I had for my first two years, but that’s because an arts/humanities course dragged my mark down a bit. As with previous terms, I regularly went to the fitness centre to work out when I was healthy, and I also didn’t join any clubs. It was a bit harder to join clubs because most of the clubs started in the fall term, during which I was out on co-op. I will try harder once my next school term comes along, although I always seem to say this but never actually join a club.

Throughout the school term, I noticed that some of the trends I discovered in second year still hold true for third year. One of these trends is that after a week into term, only about half to two-thirds of a class’ population actually attend the lectures. Most people still have the presence of mind to show up for quizzes and exams, so it’s not uncommon to see some strange faces every time an exam comes along. Even the professors make fun of the situation and often quip before the exams regarding the sudden surge in attendance. Personally I try to attend all my lectures, but I do realize that some lectures are really boring and next to useless. Next to useless would also describe most of the “required” textbooks I bought for the term. Actually, some of them are totally useless, as I never opened those books more than five times or read a single page. I bought those books since they are labelled as “required” and therefore they might be good for something, but this turns out to be a wrong assumption in most cases. My books were really expensive too, so there went another couple hundred bucks down the drain. Hopefully they will make good reference books down the road, although I doubt it.

So that was a not-so-short summary of what went on in the past year of my university life. I have just started my third co-op term and I’m looking forward to gaining some experience in the utilities sector from my work experience. Thanks for reading my article.

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