Losing My Wisdom… Tooth

I had one of my wisdom tooth extracted about a week ago. I’ve always been resistant to going to the dentist, but the tooth in question was a bit slanted and had a big cavity in it, so that’s why I decided to have it pulled. The extraction process wasn’t too bad since the dentist put in plenty of “freeze” so I couldn’t feel any thing but pressure, and the tooth came out relatively easily. The first day was a little tough though since my saliva still had blood and the freezing took a long time to wear off, but the recovery process has been fine so far. I ate only soft foods like congee, can soup and mashed potato for the first three days and was careful about using the other side of the mouth, and there hasn’t been much pain. There is sensation at the operation site sometimes, and sometimes there is a smell (probably food got stuck in the hole), but I don’t think I’ve developed dry socket anything nasty like that. Hopefully the recovery will continue without hiccups.

This is the first adult teeth that I’ve lost. I still have my other wisdom teeth, and I’m hoping that I can keep them cavity-free so I don’t have to get them pulled. I have my doubts though given that my teeth are quite cavity-prone.

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