My First Car

There comes a point in one’s life (especially in North America) when a person buys his/her first car, and I have finally reached that point. I managed to survive my first six months of graduate schools without a car, but it’s inconvenient not having one in a small/medium city where there are lots of highways and not a lot of public transit. After looking for several long months including through the bitterly cold winter, I finally bought a car, and what did I buy:

A 2006 Mercedes ML-350.

I never thought I’d buy a Mercedes for my first car, but I guess it was just meant to be. I always thought my first car would be a Corolla/Civic/Camry/Accord or some other Japanese small/medium sedan or compact SUV. Something not too big, good on gas and reliable. The ML-350 is larger than what I envisioned and not exactly good on gas, but hopefully it will be reliable as long as I am the owner. The ML is certainly a very nice vehicle though, and I’m glad I finally have a car after looking for so long. No more waiting for the bus with -20 degrees Celsius outside :grin: . I’ll probably just drive the car on weekends for shopping and other outings, so at least gas costs shouldn’t be a big problem. I’ll take good care of the car, and hopefully it’ll take good care of me.

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  1. It’s funny that you automatically jump to that conclusion. I actually bought the car using money that I earned from co-op. Am I showing off a little? Yeah, but hey it’s my first car, and this is my blog.

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