Starting the Working Life

After about three months of what mostly was vacationing and not doing much work, I finally said goodbye to Troy and RPI, my place of abode for four years. I packed whatever I can into my little RAV4 and took the long drive to a new city and area to start my working life. It’s been two weeks since I’ve moved and I’m still trying to settle into my new surroundings. It’s going to take time to get to know the area and become comfortable with the environment. I didn’t really start hiking and exploring the Capital Region until 3 years into my studies at RPI, and it might take longer in this new place because I’ll probably have less free time now that I’m a full-time professional. As for work, first week is the usual orientation, but there is challenging work lined up for me. The work will keep me busy and might become difficult, but I’ll make the most of the opportunities to learn and develop myself, and hopefully work on projects that make a real difference. Wish me luck.

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