Thoughts on Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

I finally got around to watching the third Rebuild of Evangelion movie, and here’s what I thought. Contains spoilers.

Hmmm, this is Evangelion?!

I actually watched the movie when I was on a flight some time ago, and didn’t get around to writing about it because of other stuff and just general laziness. It’s been a while since I saw Evangelion 2.0 and so I didn’t remember what happened at the end, and after watching 10 minutes of the movie I was completely confused as to what was happening. Evangelion 3.0 serves up a pretty dramatic change in scenery. Our hero Shinji is still pretty confused and full of angst, and this time it’s understandable since everything has changed since the last movie. The world is in a post-apocalyptic state; most of NERV’s personnel have formed a new organization called WILLE which opposes the original NERV led by Gendo, and they all think Shinji is responsible to destroying the world. There’re some pretty big changes for Shinji to absorb, and it doesn’t really get any better for Shinji throughout the movie.

The other big thing in part 3 is the introduction of Kaworu Nagisa. Kaworu’s general role is similar to the previous productions of Evangelion, but the settings are quite different. And of course, the series’ poster girl Rei Ayanami returns despite what happened at the end of the second installment. The biggest thing about this movie is how different it is from the original series, and really from the first two installments of the movie. I like that the movies are going in a completely new direction with the story. It brings excitement to the able, but it just takes some time to get used to it.

In terms of the technical aspects, the animation looks awesome, which is expected given that this is movie production. Evangelion is known for having fluid and vicious combat scenes, and Evangelion 3.0 is no different. The battles were pretty impressive and very flashy. Overall, I liked the movie, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Rebuild of Evangelion will conclude.

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