Power System State Estimation using a Direct Non-Iterative Method

Today I share a paper that I’ve been working on for the last 3 years. This is the first research journal paper that I’ve ever published, so it is a personal milestone. I post it here just to show that my PhD studies weren’t completely unproductive, given how most PhD students usually have a few journal papers on their CV when they graduate. The topic of this paper is the major topic in PhD dissertation, and I also have an earlier conference paper on this topic. It’s been a long time coming for this paper, and I’m glad we finally got the paper published. Hopefully I’ll have a few more publication as I continue to work in the power industry. Read below for the abstract and link to access the full paper.

Power System State Estimation using a Direct Non-Iterative Method

By X. T. Jiang, J. H. Chow, B. Fardanesh, D. Maragal, G. Stefopolous, and M. Razanousky


This paper describes a new method for state estimation of a non-linear AC power system in a non-iterative manner. This method is based on the Kipnis–Shamir relinearization technique that is used to solve over-defined sets of polynomial equations. The technique transforms the equations to a higher dimensional linear space which allows the states to be solved in a non-iterative manner. Given accurate measurements, this new state estimation method provides the same results as traditional iterative state estimation methods, and the proposed method does not require an initial guess of system states nor does it have issues with convergence.

Access the full paper HERE

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