Winter in the Puget Sound

I haven’t posted here since my big road trip to move across the country from Raleigh NC to the Seattle WA area, and that’s more than 3 months ago. During this time, winter has come and gone, and here are just some photo (and video) highlights of what I have been up to during my first winter in the Puget Sound region.

Kerry Park
The classic postcard view of the Seattle cityscape from Kerry Park in Queen Anne.

Ballard Locks
Seeing the Ballard Locks in action as some boats try to return into Lake Union from the Puget Sound
Discovery Park West Point Light
West Point Light at the westernmost point of Discovery Park, which is largest park in the City of Seattle.

Since I just moved not too long ago, I’m not too familiar with the Seattle area, so whenever I have the chance I try to go out and explore. This winter has been colder and more snowy than usual by Pacific Northwest, but I made the best of my opportunities. Here are just some photos of my urban adventures in the Seattle area.

Fremont Troll
Lurking under the Aurora Bridge lurks the Fremont Troll, just an example of the weirdness that exists in the area.
Gas Works Park
Nice view of downtown Seattle from Gas Works Park at the northern end of Lake Union
Golden Gardens Park
Sunny winter day on the beach at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle.
Olympic Sculpture Park
The Olympic Sculpture Park next to the Puget Sound.
Pike Place Market
The view of the Olympic Mountains from the outside deck of Pike Place Market
SLU Cruise
Fun winter nighttime cruise on Lake Union.
Space Needle floor
Went to the Space Needle and discovered that it has been renovated. Now there is a revolving glass floor on the lower level.
Space Needle city view
The city view from the Space Needle is pretty darn good.
Space Needle outside
The outside deck of the Space Needle
Starbucks Reserve
Seattle is of course where Starbucks is headquartered, and so there is a Starbucks Reserve that serves fancier and more expensive items than your regular Starbucks.
University of Washington
Visited the campus of the University of Washington. UW has a pretty nice campus, and here is the centerpiece fountain.
Washington Park Arboretum Lake Washington
View of Lake Washington from the Washington Park Arboretum. Went there a little early and there weren’t many flowers to photograph.
Axe Throwing
Tried axe throwing the first time. Took a few tries before I could get my throws to stick. I actually hit the bullseye this time.
Seattle Art Museum
Visited Seattle’s Art Museum. Not a big museum, but has some unique pieces like this tree trunk hanging from the lobby ceiling
Pacific Science Center
Went to the Pacific Science Center to learn some science. It’s mostly catered towards kids, but the bugs and butterfly room are interesting.
Everett Silvertips game
First time attending a WHL junior hockey game at the home arena of the Everett Silvertips.

I even managed go out for a few hikes in the low lying areas. There are plenty of mountains near Seattle, but they have snow and ice in the winter, and I don’t have the equipment to handle those situations. Maybe next winter I’ll try out some real winter-hiking or snowshoeing.

Boulder River Falls Trail
Winter hiking in the Cascades. It’s surprising how lush some of these old growth forests are even in the winter.
Boulder River Falls
It wouldn’t be called the Boulder River Falls trail without some waterfalls.
Wallace Falls State Park
Another winter hike to another waterfall. This one is at Wallace Falls State Park

The fact that it snowed more than usual meant that it was a good season for skiing and snowboarding. I ended up going skiing 4 times this winter, which is probably my busiest ski season since grad school. I visited all three of ski areas close to Seattle (Crystal Mountain, Stevens Pass, and the Summit at Snoqualmie) plus Grouse Mountain back in Vancouver. I definitely improved this season, and I’ll try to get some more skiing in next winter. Below are some videos and a photo from those outings.

Grouse Mountain
Took about 2 hours to get up the mountain and get my ski rentals, but the view from the ski slopes of Grouse Mountain are marvelous.

Lastly, I also traveled to the Bay Area during the winter. It was for work, but I took a Saturday to explore Lands End and Golden Gates Park in San Francisco.

Ocean Beach
A view of Ocean Beach as I was hiking up to Lands End
Lands End
The view of Golden Gate Bridge from Lands End. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Golden Gate Bridge
Legion of Honor
The Legion of Honor in Lands End. I didn’t actually go into the museum though.
Golden Gate Park
Birds whirling around above a lake at Golden Gate Park


That’s all for this post. I’ve started doing “real work” at my new employer, and things are going fine so far. I think expectations for me are still low right now because I’m still pretty new to the company, but work will probably ramp up as time goes on. While I make progress with my career, I’ll continue to explore and travel and post more updates here.

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