Fun in the Fall

Fall is coming to a close now, and it’s time to recap all the new and fun experiences of the past season. In addition to the small outings in this post, I went on a family trip through Yellowstone. I don’t know when the meteorological season ends exactly, but most of the fall foliage is gone and we are getting to the grey and dreary weather that is typical of the Pacific Northwest winter. Here are the highlights of what I’ve been up to in the past three months.

Mount Si
Hiked up to Mount Si. Not as tough as Mailbox, but still plenty strenuous. Saw some snowflakes falling while at the summit.

Alki Beach
Took me about 10 months of moving to Seattle to finally visit West Seattle. Alki Beach is not so crowded after summer is over.
Hamilton Viewpoint Park
Pretty nice views of downtown Seattle from Hamilton Viewpoint Park in West Seattle.
Big Four Ice Caves
The Big Four Ice Caves. The Big Four is the name of the mountain. I only saw this one cave, but it’s a big one.
Barlow Point
Short but steep hike up to this valley view at Barlow Point
Cannon Beach
Wandered down into Oregon during the Labor Day weekend, and visited Cannon Beach and its big Haystack Rock. The beach is actually quite nice and very wide.
Neahkahnie Viewpoint
Gorgeous view of the Oregon coastline from Neahkahnie Viewpoint along US 101.
Went curling during a company event. This is the first time I’ve curled in 10 years. We won our match pretty handily, in part thanks to having two Canadians on the team.
Seattle Seahawks vs New Orleans Saints
First time at a Seattle Seahawks game, and they lose at home to the Saints without Drew Brees.
UW vs Utah football
Saw some college football as well, cheering the local U Washington against Utah. The stadium is right next to the lake and has pretty nice views. Despite leading most of the game, UW lost.
Washington State Fair
Attended the Washington State Fair down in Puyallup. Similar size and scale to the NC State Fair, but there was less food variety.
Seattle Auto Show
Checked out the Seattle Auto Show. It’s a decent sized show, but not a whole lot exotics and no concept cars. Did got me thinking what I want to buy for my next car though.


That’s what I’ve been up to during the autumn season. Now that winter is its way, I’m mostly just waiting for snow in the mountains so I can go skiing. I invested in a ski pass and my own gear for the season, so definitely planning to go to the local mountains a lot, and maybe one or two ski trips further out.

Until next time.

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