A-OK Autumn

It’s December right before the big holidays, and the weather is getting rainy and cold out here in the Pacific Northwest. Time again to look over what I’ve done over the past season, which was autumn. Thanks to the never-ending pandemic, I don’t think I did very much. Just some end of season hiking and crabbing, and visiting some local places and back to Vancouver. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the last three months.

Mount Fremont Lookout
Mount Rainier and the Mount Fremont Lookout. First time I’ve visited the Sunrise area north of Mount Rainier. Simply magnificent.

Autumn brings an end to the good weather hiking season around here. I didn’t get to any of the good fall foliage hikes, but still went on some good ones.

Mount Fremont Lookout chipmunks
The chipmunks at Fremont Lookout were definitely used to human hand-outs.
Blanca Lake
The milky green waters of Blanca Lake. Toughest hike I’ve done in two years and my legs were sore for days afterwards.
Cherry Creek Falls
Easy little hike to the small but pretty Cherry Creek Falls

After hiking season ended, the winter crabbing season started in the Puget Sound. I went a few times, including to one new location where I caught my first Dungeness crab in the Puget Sound. I didn’t go as often as the prior winter though. The reason is that the cafeteria at my company offices opened up again, so I am less inclined to cook ?.

Kayak Point Park
A new crabbing spot, Kayak Point Park
Kayak Point Park Dungeness
Only caught 1 crab at Kayak Point, but it was a big 7-inch Dungeness. Biggest crab I’ve caught in WA state, and it was delicious.

In addition, I visited some local museums and sites in the area.

Museum Of Pop Culture guitar tower
The guitar tower at the center of Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)
Museum Of Pop Culture indie video game
The indie game exhibit was one of my favorite exhibits at MoPOP. The colors really pop out, and you can play the indie games.
Museum of History and Industry
A stroll through Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI). Small museum about the history of Seattle.
Jack Block Park
Views of downtown Seattle from West Seattle’s Jack Block Park
Climate Pledge Arena
Went to the open house of Seattle’s newly rebuilt Climate Pledge Arena. Didn’t find an event there that I wanted to go to yet though.

My only overnight trip is heading back to Vancouver during US Thanksgiving. I didn’t do much other than hang out with family and friends, partly because the bad flooding that cut off all major roadways connecting Greater Vancouver to the rest of the province. I did go downtown and took the Seabus to North Vancouver for the first time.

First time taking the Seabus to North Vancouver. Here’s the view towards the container ports and North Vancouver
Lonsdale Quay
Looking back at downtown Vancouver from near the Q at Lonsdale Quay

Overall, it was just an a-ok season for me. It doesn’t look like the pandemic is going away any time soon, so just have to take the precautions and live with it. For this winter, I’m looking forward to getting some skiing in. Got my season pass already, and hopefully I’ll get to my Colorado trip and get some days in at Whistler as well. Happy holidays to those who celebrate. See you next year.

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