Spring-Time Sessions

It’s mid June, so it’s time again for my spring time activity update on this blog. During this time, I transitioned from winter activities to summer activities. I skied in April, and started hiking in June, and collected and ate more shellfish in between. Here are the photo and video highlights.

Skiing down from the summit of Mount Bachelor. Volcano skiing!!

My last days on the mountain for 2022-2023 ski season was at Mount Bachelor down in Central Oregon. I made the 6 hour drive from Seattle area to Bend, Oregon and Mt. Bachelor for 2 days. Mt. Bachelor is an extinct (or dormant) volcano, and offers 360 degree skiing from the top. I didn’t ski the unpatrolled back side, but had plenty of fun going down the marked trails on the front. The snow at Bachelor is more powdery and less clumpy than that of the local Seattle mountains, which made for faster trips down the hill, although I only hit about 34 mph at my fastest which was slower than it felt.

View Mount Bachelor’s mid mountain lodge.

With the 2 days at Mt. Bachelor, I skied a total of 16 days this season, which is the most I’ve ever skied in a winter. I already renewed my Ikon Pass and will be doing more skiing next winter. Probably a return to Colorado and maybe some of the other famous resorts like Jackson Hole and Big Sky when next winter comes around.

With the conclusion of the ski season, I continued to enjoy the bounties of the sea by collecting clams and oysters from the Puget Sound tide lands. I stick to simple recipes for the preparation but they are still pretty tasty to me.

Showing off my oyster shucking skills.
Teaching a friend how to dig for butter clams. She got her first one!
Digging for littleneck clams
Butter clams fried in half shell. Yum
Little neck clam spaghetti. Double yum

And with the weather getting warmer and less rainy, and the snow melting from the mountains, I finally started the hike season. Just did two mellow hikes to start, but will be working back up to more strenuous hikes for better views.

Visited an alpaca farm before one of the hikes. Alpacas look cute and silly.
At the shores of Baker Lake, with big snowy Mount Baker in the distance
Checking out the old railway tunnels by the Iron Goat Trail on a misty morning

Other than the outdoors, I enjoyed a little bit of refined culture by going to a musical and a wine tasting.

Watched Les Miserables musical for the first time. Story not really that sad.
Red wine and chocolate pairings at a wine tasting.

That’s all for this update. I started hiking a bit later this year because I am still dealing with those health issues. This included an ER visit, which wasn’t fun and required time to recover. Hopefully I can get the procedures I need to solve these issues once and for all over the summer, and don’t end up in the ER again. In the meantime, I’ll try to enjoy life as much as I can. Thanks for reading and have a great summer (or winter if you are in the southern hemisphere).

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