Accelerated Autumn

It’s almost end of the November and definitely feels like the typical winter out here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s time again to post about what I’ve up to during the last season. My major outing was a 2.5-week trip to Japan. Other than the trip, I didn’t do too much else, just two fall foliage hikes. Here are the video/photo highlights.

The brilliant gold of the subalpine larches on the trail to Cutthroat Pass. Larch Madness up there.
Cutthroat Pass is the best larch hike I’ve done so far. The color was especially good when the sunlight was coming from behind the trees.
Swauk Forest has taller western larches that are more mixed in with the surrounding forest.
A stroll on the Coal Harbour Seawall in Downtown Vancouver. Haven’t done this for years.
Getting in on the winter crabbing season. The one in the video was just shy of keeper size so I let him go.

That’s pretty much it for my autumn season outings, outside of the big trip to Japan. Looking forward to getting in some skiing once winter is underway. Thanks for reading and bye for now.

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