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Hello. My name is Tony, and I’m just a regular guy.

More specifically, I’m a self-proclaimed geek/nerd who knows a lot of useless stuff and is not particularly good at anything. Despite such, I managed to obtain a PhD degree and a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in electrical engineering from the University of British Columbia. I was born in China and grew up in Canada. I am currently working as an engineer in the Pacific Northwest.

Here are some random facts about myself:

  • I consider myself to be an introvert, but I am becoming more social these days since there are various activities that aren’t as fun if I do them by myself.
  • As with many other from my generation, I’m very interested in technology, particularly computers and the web, but I’m no expert at either. I’m still the IT guy in the family.
  • I went to a total of five elementary schools. I was a terrible kid back then I’m kidding. My family just moved around a lot when I was young.
  • I have had more teeth than the average person (not counting wisdom teeth). This is now past tense as I had to get my extra tooth removed.
  • I am fairly tall especially compared to the people from Southern China where I was born, although I’m not really that big and tall when compared to the really big and tall people.
  • I’m not very athletic. Back in the day, badminton was probably the only sport I’m fairly proficient at, because it’s the sport that I played the most. I don’t play much anymore so I’m pretty rusty. My size would indicate that I’d be decent at basketball, but the fact that I didn’t play often as a kid means my skills are severely lacking.
  • I’m becoming more of an outdoors person. I enjoy hiking (especially when awesome scenery is involved), water activities during the summer, and skiing in the winter.
  • I’m fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese, but English is my best language these days. Also know a tiny bit of French from my days through Canada’s primary and secondary education system, but it’s impossible to learn it well when I don’t live in an environment where I need to use French.
  • My other spare time activities include: reading manga, randomly browsing Wikipedia, watching YouTube, working out, learning guitar on my own, drawing, entering sweepstakes, trying new restaurants, daydreaming, and designing/administrating websites such as the one you’re reading now.

That reminds me: Welcome to my website. TJ Online is my personal blog/website. My posts tend to be random both in terms of subject and schedule. Posts can range short updates about myself to long research papers and anything else I feel like writing. I also post photos and pictures on this website from time to time. I’m not a particularly good writer, photographer, or artist. That’s okay though since this is just a place for me to express my thoughts and not a website that was made to draw traffic. Even though you might not find anything too interesting, I hope you will enjoy your stay.

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