TJ’s Guide to RPI

It’s been two years since I’ve graduated with my PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY. When I graduated with my bachelors from the University of British Columbia, I wrote a little guide to the university just for fun, now I’m finally going to do the same for RPI. I enjoyed my four years as a graduate student. It was a very different experience than my undergrad due to the difference between the schools, between the cities they are located in, and the fact that I was a grad student instead of a naive undergrad. Like my “guide” to UBC, this post has some general info on RPI, but it’s mostly focused on things that I found relevant, interesting or fun during my time there. More information can be found in RPI’s website, Wikipedia, and the other links contained in this post.

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Replacing My Car’s Parking Light Bulb

Every once in a while I have to do a small maintenance task on my car, and this time I had to replace the light bulb for my car’s parking light. It was a fairly easy job, and I managed to get it done without damaging anything or spending too much time wrangling with parts.

Parking light bulb
The old, burnt-out light bulb. It’s a type W 5 W halogen bulb.

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Replacing My Car’s Air Filters

This is my third post on the blog within a week. I guess I feel like writing more here these days despite the fact that I should probably be spending the time to do research, do homework, do something with my social life or even sleep. Anyways, here is another mundane post of me doing some simple task, and this time it’s replacing my car’s air filters.

One of the old filters
One of the old filters. You can see how dirty it is.

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My Experience: Replacing a Door Knob

Haven’t posted here in a while because I was busy with my studies and life as a grad student is just not that exciting… at least not for me :neutral: . Now that I’m done with the round of midterms, I thought I make a post but I have nothing very interesting to write about, so I might as well make a post about how I replaced a door knob. I’m not very handy, but replacing a standard door knob is still within my abilities, and here is the post about the process accompanied by some badly taken photos.

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TJ’s Guide to UBC

This is probably the last article I’ll write about my experience at the University of British Columbia. UBC has been a pretty good place to me, and so I decided to write a little guide about my Alma Mater. There is a bit of general information about UBC, but a lot of this post is focused on things that I found interesting and relevant through my five year experience at the institution. As such, this is far from a comprehensive guide to the university. More information can be found in UBC’s website, Wikipedia, and the other links contained in this post.

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Total Annihilation Single Player Walkthrough

The original Total Annihilation is one of my favorite strategy games. I spent a lot of time playing it back in the days when I still had the time to play games. TA is pretty famous for its large number of units and support for user created content. I originally wanted to create a website dedicated to this game but that plan kind of got sidetracked. However, I did create a walkthrough to the single player campaign. Since I don’t want my “hard” work to go to waste, I decided to post this walkthrough up for those people who are interested. TA might be a pretty old game, but it can still be pretty fun.

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A “Short” Guide on Your BC Provincial Exams

This is a short guide I wrote to help future students in where I live with their provincial exams. I recently received my scores for my exams and I did fairly well, so since I have a lot of time on my hands, I decided to write a guide based on my experience. This guide covers the general stuff and also focuses on subject exams that I have taken.

Please note that this guide was written for the years that I took the provincials (2004 and 2005) and will not be updated with new info. The exams probably have been changed since then so some of the specific strategies might not be applicable anymore, but the general test taking strategies still apply.

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Tony’s Guide on Super Smash Bros. for N64

This is probably the longest guide i have ever written. You can tell by the title that this is a guide about Super Smash Bros., a popular video game for the now ancient N64. I spent days testing out moves in order to get the data that appears in this guide. It was hard work but well worth the effort. This guide covers all aspects of Smash, including characters, strategies and techniques. This guide has been overhauled to use a table-less layout in the summer of 2007. Click here to visit.