Extending the Life of an Old Laptop with Linux

My parents have a number of computers at their place, the oldest of which is an 11-year old Compaq laptop. The laptop still works fine, but it’s not really usable anymore mostly because of software. Yes, all of our smartphones and tablets that we bought within the last 5 years probably has more compute power than this laptop, but the main reason it can’t be used is because it has Windows Vista. Windows Vista is so old that even Chrome or Firefox don’t support it anymore. Running a Windows machines without updated software is a bad idea. My parents still wanted to keep the laptop around just in case, so I turned to Linux to extend the life of this old laptop.

Linux on Old Laptop
Getting into the Linux game with the old Compaq A939CA laptop

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Windows XP Login/Logon Problem

Recently I encountered a strange problem with Windows XP that screws up the logon process. I spent a whole night trying to figure out what the problem is a how to fix it, and I eventually prevailed. This whole experience had taught me something about troubleshooting computers, and I write this article to share my experience and also to help the people whose computers have this annoying problem.

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