TJ’s Guide to UBC

This is probably the last article I’ll write about my experience at the University of British Columbia. UBC has been a pretty good place to me, and so I decided to write a little guide about my Alma Mater. There is a bit of general information about UBC, but a lot of this post is focused on things that I found interesting and relevant through my five year experience at the institution. As such, this is far from a comprehensive guide to the university. More information can be found in UBC’s website, Wikipedia, and the other links contained in this post.

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My Fourth Year of University

This is the last yearly reflections article featuring me as a college undergrad, because of course I finally managed to graduate. This was actually my fifth year as an undergrad (due to co-op), but since I took fourth year courses then technically I was a fourth year student. During the past year I spent two terms in school and only one term on co-op, which is in contrast to my last two years where I spent eight months on co-op and only four months in school. This means there’ll be more stuff on my courses and less on my work, but either way it won’t be too exciting. If you still want to find out what I’ve been up to in the last year, keep on reading.

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Got My Degree

Today I finally received my Bachelors of Applied Science from the University of British Columbia. It took me five years to reach this point. It was a lot of work and a good chunk of time, but I think it was worth it (hopefully :lol: ). I have to thank my family… and friends I suppose… for their support through the years, and I have to thank some of my professors as well.

Even though five years of university is more than enough for many, I’m not done with school yet. I’ll be heading elsewhere for graduate studies, but until then it’s vacation time. There is a lot of stuff I need to get done, but I should have plenty of free time as well. This will probably mean, among other things, that I’ll pay more attention to my websites and produce more artwork. I do have some sizable plans for my sites, and hopefully I’ll actually follow through with my plans.

I’ll probably write a post or two about my last year as a undergrad student, but I’m too tired to start writing today. I’ll end this post with a photo of my graduation.

UBC Botanical Garden and Nitobe Memorial Garden

As part of my effort to visit all the notable attractions at the University of British Columbia before I graduate (or my bus pass expires), I visited to the Nitobe Memorial Garden and UBC Botanical Garden. As a current student, I can get into both of these gardens for free, but for some reason I never thought about visiting them until a few weeks ago. Here is my post on the visit accompanied by lots of photos.

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UBC Museum of Anthropology

Having been a student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver for the better part of five years, it’s rather sad that I haven’t visited some of the notable attractions within my university. This is especially sad given that, as a current student, I can go into any of those places for free. So before my undergraduate career at UBC comes to an end, I am going to make an effort to visit all of the notable attractions at UBC, and I’ll start with UBC’s well-known Museum of Anthropology (MOA). The museum just recently completed a renewal project, so it’s the perfect time for me to visit.

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Got My Ring

There is still a bit over a month left until I’m finished with this school term and my undergraduate career, and I have to wait until June to get my degree, but today I (along with many other graduating engineering students) took a step towards my graduation and got my Iron Ring. For those who don’t know, the Iron Ring is a tradition for Canadian engineers and it comes with accepting an “obligation” to do good work as engineers. It’s not required for graduation or professional practice, but most of us get it because it is a tradition and it’s something to show for (other than our degrees).

The ceremony for taking the obligation and getting the ring was a formal occasion. Since it’s supposed to be “private”, I’m not going to reveal any details about what went on. Instead, below is a picture of me wearing my new ring. For a big guy, my hands are kind of girly, but my hand seems wider and less feminine in this photo :lol: .

TJ's Iron Ring

Olympic Break and School Term Impressions

I turned this website into a blog a month and a half ago in order to encourage myself to write more, but that hasn’t worked out so well. Anyways, for next two weeks, I’ll be spending nearly all my time at home. This is because of the Winter Olympics, which prompted my university to extend our usual one week break to two weeks. The break is by no means vacation though, since I have three projects and a couple of assignments to work on. Still, not having to commute to school and go to class should free up some time for me to watch the Winter Olympics… on TV. Having lived in Canada for so long, of course I’m rooting for the Canadian team, and also the Chinese team as well since I’m Chinese. I certainly hope Canada’s “Own the Podium” program will produce great results, but if that doesn’t work out, many of us Canadians will probably be happy if Canada wins the men’s hockey gold. GO CANADA!

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2009 Fall Term in Review

I finally received the marks to all of my courses in the past term, so it’s time for me to write another term review post. I used to write these posts back on my *old* personal blog which eventually transformed into an anime/manga blog. Since this site is now my personal blog, I’ll be writing these kind of posts here instead. As always, below is a list of courses I took, my mark for each course, and what I thought of each of them.

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My (Second Half of) Third Year of University

It’s time again for another yearly reflections article. This is actually my fourth year as a college undergrad, but because of co-op I was still doing my third year courses. Just like last year, I only spent four months in school and spent the other eight months working as a co-op student (and am still working at the time of writing). Unlike last year however, I didn’t become very ill and therefore there are no emergency room visits to speak of. This probably means this article won’t be as exciting as last year’s, but I’m glad not to have that kind of excitement. Anyways, read on to find out what I’ve been up to in the past year.

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