Fall and Winter Activity Recap

Here is the long overdue post of my travels and adventures over the last few months. I usually do one per season, but I’ve been slow on the blogging so this post will be for the last half a year, covering both fall and winter. The most notable activity was my trip to southern China, which I already wrote about, but I also went on other smaller trips and adventures over the last half-year. So keep reading if you want to see what I’ve been up to and what troubles I’ve gotten myself into :wink: .

Blue Ridge Parkway
Probably the best fall foliage we saw during the trip was along this stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway

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Springtime Sorties

It has been almost a whole season since I’ve posted here. Spring has passed and the hot and humid summer of the Southeast is now here. It’s time look back at all the fun activities I managed to do during the spring (despite having little in the way of vacation days) and show some photo highlights.

Sharp Top Summit
Wonderful view from the top of Sharp Top. (click to enlarge)

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2011 End of Semester Vacation

I survived my first academic year as a graduate student, and my adviser was nice enough to let me have a bit of a vacation before I start my summer research work. My parents came to visit, so it was a family vacation. Over the last three weeks, we went to New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Boston, so basically the major cities in the northeast/eastern part of the United States. As always, the post contains an account of the trip accompanied by some thoughts and photos.

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Brief Stop in Washington DC

I went on my first conference trip recently in the area around Washington DC, and a colleague and I decided to swing by the Mall on one of the days. Due to time constraint, we only walked around the west side of the mall from near the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. This article is just for me to post some photos, nothing more.

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