Redesigned and Recoded JP’s Badminton Portal Is Now Online

For the past week or so I’ve been working hard to upgrade my dad’s badminton portal website so that it can take advantage of the features offered by my current webhost. The website has become my first self-coded PHP website, and my second table-less layout after the travel journal website. Of course I read a lot of tutorials and books in order to this, and after working day after day implementing features and ironing out the bugs, the site is finally ready for show time. Obviously being written by myself, the website is nowhere near as advanced as my main site here powered by XOOPS, but it’s enough for the purpose of serving articles. Click the earlier in this paragraph if you want to visit.

Movie Review: “Brotherhood of the Wolf” (2002)

I haven’t written anything myself for a while now, so I decided to practice my writing skills again by writing a movie review. The subject film this time is some fairly recent movie that I saw on television. It’s a French action-horror-adventure-whatever (I watched a dubbed version) flick called the Brotherhood of the Wolf. I remember reading a fairly favourable review for this movie so I decided to watch the whole thing, and here is my review of this film.

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Old Couple’s Travel Journal

Here’s the new website I’ve been developing through my summer vacation. This site was done for a relative who wanted to share his extensive travel experience with others online. “Old Couple’s Travel Journal” contains the hand-written journals of my relative transcribed into web medium. The various travel journals contain a lot of interesting insight into history and culture. The address of this website is It’s only available in Simplified Chinese though.

New Server and Domain Name, plus New Website

After a few years on free hosting, I’ve finally decided to pony up a few bucks for a paid hosting account and a domain name. The new address is or A paid account gets me a lot more features, and the server seems quicker too. Hopefully this will help me get more traffic and in turn increase my Google earnings as well. I want to thank all my visitors for their interest in what I have to offer and I will keep working to make TJ Online and my other sites better.

Due to the new server and address, there is quite a bit of restructuring in order, but for now my popular sites (Smash Guide and Crabbing Guide) won’t be moved yet, but all my sites will be moved to this new server eventually.

The final piece of news is that I have completed and uploaded a new site. The site is made for a relative and it contains that travelogues of this relative. The site is available in Simplified Chinese only. If you are interested, the address is

A Year with Adsense

As you can probably guess from the title, this article is about my experience with Google’s Adsense program, which powers all the text and sometimes image ads that you see around my site. Be advised that this is not one of those “how to make a sh*tload of money from Adsense” type of literature and I’m not one of those “experts” who writes those articles. Rather this is a summary and reflection of my past 13 month experience with the program. No, I didn’t end up making a ridiculous amount of money, but the results were encouraging and better than I had hoped initially, which goes to show that even a regular Joe (or Tony, in my case) like me can make money from the internet (without doing something illegal).

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My Experience: Installing an Internal Flash Memory Card Reader

Here’s another one of my computer upgrade articles. At the time of writing my computer is almost two years old, which means it’s pretty pointless trying to upgrade a major component. However, a situation arose where I need to read files off some Flash memory cards that my digital camera didn’t support, so I waited until a sale came up and picked up a card reader to do the job. This article basically documents how I installed the card reader and it’s also sort of a photo op for the installation and a mini-review for the card reader I chose, the Sony MRW620. Installing an internal card reader is pretty simple, and there are enough photos in this article if you want to learn how to install one of these devices.

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My First Year at University

It’s time for summer vacation now (at least for university students), and this is the perfect moment to look back upon the past school year. As you read through this article, you’ll find out what I did and did not do in my first year in university, and my thoughts and feelings for my time at school. University is certainly very different than high school, but since I didn’t flunk out, I can safely say that I have adapted to this new style of learning, at least for the first year. Read on to find out about my exciting escapades and unforgettable experiences (or lack thereof, yeah, mostly the lack thereof) during my first two terms at a post-secondary institution.

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Additions to the Smash Guide

I just spent the last two days updating and adding new material to my “venerable” guide about Super Smash Bros. for the N64. Mainly I uploaded information about the bonus target and platform stages. Yes, I know Smash is an old game on an obsolete platform, but it’s one of my favourite games and more pages may mean more traffic for me, which might translate into more dollars :-D. Oops, sorry about the daydreaming there. If you are interested, pop over to my Smash Guide and look at the third page of each character’s guides.