Tony’s Winnings

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This page list all of the stuff that I’ve won from drawings, raffles, contests, giveaways and sweepstakes. I enter contests for fun, because who doesn’t like free stuff? Just to note though that I only enter draws for stuff that I actually want or have some use for. The term for people like me is “sweeper” or “contestor” because we enter sweepstakes and contests on a regular basis. The chances of winning a prize, especially a big prize, is small, but your chances are 0 if you don’t enter.

This is just a list of sweepstake and drawing winning I remember dating back to my childhood, and I will keep adding to this list. This list doesn’t include lottery or gambling winnings, or any gifts that were given directly to me. Most of the things I win are small, but they are from drawings that I have a high probability (better than 1 in 50 chance) of winning. There are gift cards which I won basically by default because so few people entered, so participation is key.

Things I’ve Won:


  • A watch from a restaurant in China. I wore it regularly until it broke. It didn’t last very long.
  • ¥300 CNY gift card from a department store in China. Won it by drawing the winning ping pong ball out of a box. Bought a few toys with this money.


  • $100 CAD gift card to a steakhouse, at a company info/recruiting session at my college.
  • A Nintendo DS and a game, from a company where I interned. Nobody in my family ever plays this anymore… just like all the other consoles we’ve ever bought.


  • A toaster, from a grad school event. The toaster probably cost around $20 USD when new.
  • A set of computer speakers from a computer store. The speakers had a price of about $250 CAD back in the day.
  • $20 USD restaurant gift card from an apartment complex I lived in.
  • Another $20 USD restaurant gift card from an apartment complex.
  • A goodie bag consisting of a thermos bag, a water bottle, a koozie, and a bunch of snacks including Lunchables, from an apartment complex.
  • A beer store ¾ sleeve shirt, from an apartment complex.
  • A gift basket of nutritional supplements, from a supermarket.
  • $50 CAD gift card to a drug store, from that drug store chain.
  • $10 USD restaurant gift card, from an apartment complex.
  • Bagel breakfast for my office, from an apartment complex.
  • Pair of tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters, from a reviews website.
  • $15 USD gift code to an online store.
  • Pair of tickets for a concert, from a reviews website.
  • A rock band t-shirt, from a music website.
  • Pair of tickets to a food and wine festival, from a reviews website
  • A Dyson vacuum (MSRP $499 CAD at one point of time) and a $200 CAD supermarket gift card, from a supermarket chain
  • $100 CAD gift card and a bunch of movie-related swag from a movie studio
  • A metal mug from a hardware store chain
  • A Steam game code from a Twitter contest
  • An anime key chain from a Twitter contest
  • A movie-related prize pack consisting of 3 posters, a tank-top, a t-shirt and a bottle opener from a Twitter contest
  • A GoPro HERO6 action camera and a travel pack system consisting of a large backpack and a smaller daypack, from the makers of the travel pack system. Worth a total of $900 CAD
  • A key chain flashlight from an auto parts manufacturer
  • Two Steam game codes from a Twitter contest
  • A cooler from a beer company and a snacks company, worth $50 CAD
  • Another key chain flashlight from an auto parts manufacturer
  • A small drone from the drone manufacturer, worth $45 USD
  • Four Bluetooth trackers from the tracker manufacturer
  • A weekend trip to Las Vegas which included round trip airfare for two, two nights of hotel, and $500 USD gift card, from an auto parts company
  • A coupon for a box of microwave popcorn of value up to $5.99 USD, from a movie contest


  • Coupons for 4 bottles of flavored sparkling water, a bottle of water, a bottle of vinegar, a box of crackers, a box of pasta, a bottle of seasoning, a packet of seasoning, a bag of burger buns, a bottle of salad dressing, a bag of nuts, a bag of flour, 3 cans of vegetables, a can of tomatoes, and a cup of yogurt from a supermarket chain
  • A sampler box of different nut flour and a set of measuring spoons worth $25 USD, from the nut flour manufacturer.

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