Back Home for the Holidays

Yesterday I joined the millions of people across the world who are traveling back home for the holidays. My first term as a graduate student is over and done with, and my adviser was kind enough to let me return home for Christmas and the New Year. My last few days were pretty hectic since I had three final exams on the two days prior to my flight, and I was pretty burnt out by the end of the third exam. I don’t think I did as well as I could have on those exams, but hopefully it’ll be good enough for “A”s. Traveling by air is also a bit of a pain these days (especially since my flights are a couple of hours long), but the fact I get to spend the holiday at home with family is worth it.

As for my plans for my time back… well I don’t really plan on doing anything other than relaxing, enjoying family company, and working on my thesis project. It certainly isn’t warm in Vancouver, but it’s still warmer than the city where my school is located. Having lived in Pacific Northwest for so long, I’m not used to cold temperatures, so coming back home is a way of escaping the cold winter over there.

That’s all I have to say for this post. I hope all of you who read this will have a happy holidays :grin: .

My Experience: Replacing a Door Knob

Haven’t posted here in a while because I was busy with my studies and life as a grad student is just not that exciting… at least not for me :neutral: . Now that I’m done with the round of midterms, I thought I make a post but I have nothing very interesting to write about, so I might as well make a post about how I replaced a door knob. I’m not very handy, but replacing a standard door knob is still within my abilities, and here is the post about the process accompanied by some badly taken photos.

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Thoughts on Macross Frontier: The False Songstress

Macross Frontier is one of the series I followed when I started writing on this blog two years ago, and it was one of the best series I’ve watched at least when mecha battles and music were concerned. So it’s no surprise that I was waiting to watch the theatrical version of the series, and I finally saw The False Songstress around a week ago. Despite liking the anime series so much, I find myself having little to say about the movie other than that “it was pretty good”.

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Thoughts on Summer Wars

I watched Summer Wars a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t get around to writing about it due to me being lazy and busy at the same time. Summer Wars is of course the Mamoru Hosoda anime film about a math whiz and his upperclassman’s entire extended family trying to stop an errant program from crashing both a popular virtual world and the real world. Even though I’ve put this post under the “Reviews” category, this post is just some random thoughts I feel like writing down after watching the movie. Writing a well-versed and structured review just feel like too tall of a task for me these days lol.

Post contains spoilers.

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Brief Stop in Washington DC

I went on my first conference trip recently in the area around Washington DC, and a colleague and I decided to swing by the Mall on one of the days. Due to time constraint, we only walked around the west side of the mall from near the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. This article is just for me to post some photos, nothing more.

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