“Miss Brill” Short Story Response

This is an response for the short story Miss Brill, which I have studied in English class. The response is sort of an analysis on how the story was written. I tries to explain why the author chose this perspective to write the story. I did pretty well on this assignment, so that’s why I chose to post it up. I do realize that a lot of people might also study this short story. Remember, you can read this response for hints, but don’t copy word for word.

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“Youths of Tomorrow” In Class Essay

This article is an in class essay I wrote during a grade 12 English class. The teacher gave us a quotation and we had write a structured essay that has something to do with the quote. We had to hand the essay in at the end of the class and we had very limited resources, so I just BSed everything. The result was I got a near perfect score on this essay. It’s a pretty big improvement over my first in class essay, which was not all that well written. I sort of knew I would get a pretty decent mark since even though the whole essay was all bs, it was good bs, so the teacher bought it. Haha. The first little section below is the quote that was given and below that is the essay.

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My Experience: Upgrading My Computer

As I have promised, here is an article about my computer upgrading experience. I bought all the components on a Boxing Day sale and spent about two hours working on my computer to make it what it is today. Benchmarks and other test results are obviously included. Even thought I didn’t have a particularly pleasant experience doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t personally upgrade your computer.

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“Everyone Talked Loudly in Chinatown” Short Story Response

This is another article that once was an assignment for school. This particular article came from my grade 12 English class, where I had to read this short story, Everyone Talked Loudly in Chinatown, and do a response essay on a chosen few aspects of this story. I chose the conflicts in the story and of course I got a pretty good mark for my work. For those who are reading this essay in order to respond a schoolwork question (since this short story is part of some curricula), feel free to integrate my ideas into your response, but don’t copy this essay word for word without giving credit, since that would be plagiarism. It doesn’t do me any harm for you to copy it, but you might get an zero or other punishments if your teacher catches you. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Movie Review: “Dead Presidents” (1995)

As some of you know (my fellow students), I took a film class in my grade 12 year so I had to write movie reviews as assignments. This was my first movie review of the year, and I got an A on this assignment. I only put my better efforts on my website. I got my good mark by writing in “technical” movie language as the teacher wanted. Anyways, this review is about some obscure film that came out in the mid nineties about the Vietnam War and black people in America. My teacher made me watch obscure films such as this one so this is the review that you will get. Hope you enjoy it. You’ll probably understand my review better if you’ve watched this film. For those of you who haven’t watched this movie, don’t bother trying to rent it since the movie isn’t worth the money anyways.

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Movie Review: “Beautiful Boxer” (2003)

Well, I complain about how my film class teacher won’t let the class to go watch new movies, so he made us go watch a new movie. Unfortunately, this is one of the many weird foreign films that was shown at the 2004 Vancouver International Film Festival. This is a movie about a Thai kickboxer who fights to earn money so that he can get a sex change operation. Believe it or not, this film is based on a true story. Before I went to see the film, I thought the movie was going to suck, but it turned out alright. Below is my review for this film. Like every other schoolwork articles I posted, I also got a good mark for this review.

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Tony’s Guide on Super Smash Bros. for N64

This is probably the longest guide i have ever written. You can tell by the title that this is a guide about Super Smash Bros., a popular video game for the now ancient N64. I spent days testing out moves in order to get the data that appears in this guide. It was hard work but well worth the effort. This guide covers all aspects of Smash, including characters, strategies and techniques. This guide has been overhauled to use a table-less layout in the summer of 2007. Click here to visit.

“Discontinuing Silent Reading” Essay

This is another essay written by for my grade 10 summer school essay writing course. This one is about the silent reading period my secondary school has. All my fellow students know what I am talking about. This essay argues against silent reading. I don’t really hate silent reading, but I rarely read during this period. Usually I do my homework so I don’t have to do them at home.

This essay is also written in a five by five format, which means five paragraphs and about five sentences in a paragraph. Needless to say, I got an A for this effort. Read it and see if you agree or disagree with my view point.

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“Avoiding the Teacher’s Attention” Essay

This is an essay written for my grade 10 summer school essay writing course. As you can see from the title, this essay is about how to avoid the teacher’s attention. Yeah, that’s right. For all you timid people out there, this is a must read. Of course I don’t actually guarantee any results, but reading this will help. At least some of it is true.
This essay is written in a five by five format, which means five paragraphs and about five sentences in a paragraph. I got an A for this effort, so it means this essay isn’t all bs. Here it is. Enjoy.

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