“Discontinuing Silent Reading” Essay

This is another essay written by for my grade 10 summer school essay writing course. This one is about the silent reading period my secondary school has. All my fellow students know what I am talking about. This essay argues against silent reading. I don’t really hate silent reading, but I rarely read during this period. Usually I do my homework so I don’t have to do them at home.

This essay is also written in a five by five format, which means five paragraphs and about five sentences in a paragraph. Needless to say, I got an A for this effort. Read it and see if you agree or disagree with my view point.

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“Avoiding the Teacher’s Attention” Essay

This is an essay written for my grade 10 summer school essay writing course. As you can see from the title, this essay is about how to avoid the teacher’s attention. Yeah, that’s right. For all you timid people out there, this is a must read. Of course I don’t actually guarantee any results, but reading this will help. At least some of it is true.
This essay is written in a five by five format, which means five paragraphs and about five sentences in a paragraph. I got an A for this effort, so it means this essay isn’t all bs. Here it is. Enjoy.

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English Short Story

This is an old story used for an English class assignment. It wasn’t actually written by me. It was written by a friend of mine and I edited it. It’s a fictional story, but it features several real people. The story take place in my secondary school. It is a story of revenge and it’s pretty damned funny. My group got a pretty good mark for this effort. I hope you enjoy it too. Some of the language used in the story might be a bit explicit, so read at your own discretion.

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Simple Guide to Crabbing in the Lower Mainland

This guide is my first website ever. It was made for a grade 10 web design class. As the title indicates, this is a site that teaches you how to catch delicious crabs in the Greater Vancouver (Lower Mainland) Area. Almost everything you need to know to legally and successfully catch crabs in the Lower Mainland can be found in this guide. This guide has been redesign in the summer of 2007 with a tableless layout and enhanced graphics. Click here to visit.

TJ’s Guide to Big Two

This article was a project I made for my grade 11 web class. For those for you who don’t know, this guide is about Big Two, a type of card game played mainly by people of the eastern and southeastern Asian origins. It’s a really popular card game at my high school until the administration got an excuse and banned it for good. Originally, this guide was made entirely using Flash, which was cool, but it’s not very accessible, so I later decided to make a HTML version available to those who prefer traditional web pages to Flash documents, but after some time, this new website still didn’t manage to draw a lot of visitors, so I finally decided to include it within my main site instead.

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