Happy Holidays

Well, it’s that time of the year again. My first term in university is over and I seemed to have survived. I wish a happy holidays to all my visitors. I would like to write a new article but I currently have writer’s block, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to come up with something new.

My Second Check

I finally received my second pay check from my “advertising ventures” just in time for the holidays. I consider it as my Xmas bonus. This time I earned a bit more than last time and did it in a shorter period of time too. I’m definitely earning more than before and I hope my revenue keeps increasing.

I’ve really busy lately because I have to study for my final exams. University terms are a lot shorter than high school terms and I’m already finished with classes. Hopefully I’ll do well on my exams and come up with some new and interesting content for my sites.

The End of Summer and Back to School again

Well, it’s that time of the year again: time for me to go back to school. This year will be my first year at university. I’m a bit excited, but I’m not really worried though since I’m confident in my academic abilities. Well, I got through high school just fine. That must mean something right? High school was alright for me. It was really overly exciting like in the movies, but I had a good time. I’ll be busier when I go back to school, but I’ll try my best to bring new content to this website. Good luck to you all.

My first pay check

Woo hoo, the website classes I took in high school are finally paying off. I just got my first check from Google for my Adsense earnings. Hopefuly this will be the first of many checks to come. Making webpages is actually good for something after all haha. I’ll do my best to improve this website and provide even more quality content for you visitors.

The new TJ Online is finally ONLINE

I’ve been messing with this xoops portal for a while and finally found the right modules for my site and personally made a unique theme. The theme is my first xoops theme ever, and it took a while since I’m a noob at css. I basically just modified the default xoops theme, so the layout is still the same. I wanted to install a photo gallery and put some photos up for viewing, but unfortunately my webhost does not support GD or any other graphic libraries that are needed by gallery modules, so too bad. I ported most of my articles into this new website, but some of the larger articles such as the crabbing guides will not be ported because the guides are basically individual websites and need their own navigation.

By switching to a CMS like xoops, my content is now better organized and it is easier to administer everything. New features to the site can be easily downloaded and installed within a few clicks. There is also a search function which allows visitors to find article and a comment system for the articles. All these features will hopefully give you visitors a better browsing experience.

A “Short” Guide on Your BC Provincial Exams

This is a short guide I wrote to help future students in where I live with their provincial exams. I recently received my scores for my exams and I did fairly well, so since I have a lot of time on my hands, I decided to write a guide based on my experience. This guide covers the general stuff and also focuses on subject exams that I have taken.

Please note that this guide was written for the years that I took the provincials (2004 and 2005) and will not be updated with new info. The exams probably have been changed since then so some of the specific strategies might not be applicable anymore, but the general test taking strategies still apply.

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“Things You Might or Might not Know About My High School” Essay

This is another essay written for my grade 10 summer school essay writing course. This particular piece was about my high school and some of its less uh… well-known features. I have taken the liberty of removing my high school’s name from this essay in order not to humiliate the school, but you might be able to guess which school I’m talking about. The things talked about in this essay may or may not be true at this moment, since I wrote this essay during the summer after my grade 10 year.

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