New Dash Camera: Transcend DrivePro 100

Thanksgiving and Black Friday have passed us by this year. I didn’t do much Black Friday shopping this year, since I don’t think I need to give anybody presents, and there aren’t that many things that I want on sale. The only item I bought was a dash camera for my car. I picked up the Transcend DrivePro 100, and here is what I thought of it so far.

Transcend DrivePro 100 Box
My newest gadget.

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Fall Foliage Round-up 2015

The fall season is almost over. It’s not too cold down here in North Carolina, but a lot of trees have shed their leaves already. Over the last month or so, I’ve been out enjoying the beautiful fall foliage that NC had to offer, and here’s a collection of photos from my autumn adventures.

Pilot Mountain State Park
The distinctive Pilot Mountain.(click to enlarge)

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Restored some anime and manga reviews

Over the last few days, I posted a number of anime and manga reviews from my now defunct anime blog to this website. If you are interested you can read the story of the rise and fall of my anime/manga blog here. The short story is that blog was deleted from Blogger, but I still have the backups. I’m not going to repost everything from my anime blog, but I’ve restored all of the series and anime movie reviews to the Reviews category. If you want to check them out, they are tagged under anime and manga. I think I may also make some review posts out of the anime series that I covered on a per-episode basis, but that will take more time. Year 9

It’s been another year on the interwebs for my humble little collection of websites. Slowly but surely we are creeping up to a decade online. Over the last year, I really didn’t make any big changes to any of my sites. I think I post more frequently to this blog nowadays, because I tend to go on trips and do fun stuff a little more than when I was a couple of years ago. As for visitor traffic, it seems like visitor numbers are down this year compared to last year, and ad revenues are probably down. It’s not like I’ll ever make a living off the Crabbing Guide and my other sites though, although any extra spending money from the ads would be nice.

I don’t really have any big plans for my sites for the next year. Unless I get some sort of super great idea for a new website (which is unlikely), things will stay the way they are. I might refresh the theme for this blog, and maybe restore a couple of reviews from my now defunct anime/manga blog. That’s all I have to report. Time to start the countdown to the 10th anniversary.

A synchrophasor measurement based method for assessing damping torque contributions from power system stabilizers

A conference paper that I’ve worked on as part of my PhD research has finally been published, so I shared it here for all you power systems aficionados out there. The paper is about a new method for assessing the damping torque contributions from power system stabilizers. If you understand every word in the title, then it’ll be of interest to you. If not… well it might be interesting too. Anyways, this papers was presented at the IEEE PowerTech 2015 conference in Eindhoven, the Netherlands in July. I didn’t get to go to the Netherlands for the conference, but at least I have another entry in my (short and unremarkable) publications list. Read below for the abstract and link to the full paper.

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Camping for the First Time, and More

I’ve been in NC for a year now. That sure was quick. To celebrate my first year in North Carolina (at least from my perspective :mrgreen: ), I went camping in the Outer Banks with a group of people. For those of you who are not familiar with NC, the Outer Banks is a string of narrow barrier islands on the eastern coast of the state, and they are known for their beaches and vacation homes. It was definitely a good way to mark my first year in NC. I also did a few other fun things other than camping, which I’ll mention in this post as well.

My tent
My little tent (the blue one). Not the biggest or most comfy, but it sufficed.

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An Obituary for My Manga/Anime Blog

This is the first post in a while that is not about me visiting places and having fun. Up until yesterday, I had a blog called A Product of Wasted Time in which I wrote about anime and manga, and it was hosted on Blogger. That blog is now no longer exists because Blogger had recently received a number of DMCA complaints about my blog for copyright violations. Apparently just writing about particular anime episodes and manga chapters is infringement. I have never shared full episodes or chapters on my blog; I only write about the series I was following. At most, I had a couple of screenshots or one/two pages of a chapter included per post so I can put funny captions. But hey, I understand Blogger has the right to police their service, and I’m not mad about having the blog deleted. But still, R.I.P., A Product of Wasted Time.

A Product of Wasted Time screenshot
What my anime/manga blog looked like.

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Out and About

I’ve been back from my vacation in Canada for a few weeks now. Work is busy these days, but I still try to continue my weekend warrior ways and explore places nearby… and even a little further away. Here are the pictures and highlights from the last couple of weekends.

Luray Caverns drapery
The drapery formation, which in my opinion is the best formation in Luray Caverns

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